Debt Tracker Printables

Unique and creative debt-free charts, debt payoff trackers, and debt color sheets to help keep you motivated while paying down debt.  If you're looking for a fun way to stay motivated while paying down your debt, these coloring sheets will do the trick.

Each debt-free chart is printable and comes in a PDF format.  They can be customized to your individual debt and reused over and over again.  If you want a little inspiration along your debt-free journey, coloring in these worksheets will help keep you focused and motivated along the way.

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Can you live debt-free?

Yes! It is possible to live debt-free but it does require a change in how you're currently living.  In order to live debt-free, you can't spend more than you make.  You'll also have to be fine living without the instant gratification that credit cards and other loans provide. 

How can I become debt-free?

The fastest way to become debt-free is to live on less than you earn and maximize your income.  It sounds simple but takes a lot of mental energy.  This may require looking for ways to make money, moving to a new location, changing jobs, or spending a lot less on food, to name a few.

How to Use Debt Free Charts

All of the debt tracking printables are blank for you to fill in yourself.  They come in a PDF format you can download instantly so you can print-at home.  

1. Download and print your debt coloring sheet on your home printer.

2. Write the total amount of debt you're paying off on your chart in the proper location.  

3. Then divide the total amount of debt by the number of sections there are to color.  Most of the worksheets will say how many sections there are to make the math easier.  

4.  Once you have the debt amount per section, label each section.  For some trackers, there will be a shape key you can label instead of having to label each section.  

5. As you send payments to your debt and pay if down, color in the corresponding sections of your debt free chart until you're finished.

6.  Congrats, that debt is gone!  Now you can reprint the same worksheet to use for your next debt or scroll back up to find a different coloring sheet.