Credit Card Payoff Tracker (Printable)

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Get on top of your credit card debt payoff by using this credit card payoff tracker printable.  No matter how many credit cards you have, you can print off a credit card debt challenge for each one and color in the shreds as you pay down your debt.  

This is a motivating visual to help you along your journey toward becoming debt-free and reaching financial freedom.  

This debt challenge printable has 100 "shreds".  Divide your total debt amount by 100 in order to determine how much each shred is worth.  Then as you pay off your debt fast, color in the corresponding shreds on this payoff tracker.  

If you have multiple credit cards, label each money worksheet with the name of the credit card to keep track easily.  

The PDF is black and white with the shredder graphic a light gray color.  You can color in the credit card however you'd like for decoration.  It's the rectangular shreds that are used for your debt payoff journey.  

This printable can be found in a bundle.

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PDF Document, US Letter size 8.5x11in

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One PDF copy of the unfilled black and white credit card debt payoff tracker printable.

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